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1. How are skilled nursing facilities monitored and licensed?

Facilities are routinely inspected and evaluated by the Department of Public Health. Visits are unannounced and all departments of the operation are inspected and evaluated by the survey team. Generally these visits occur at least one time each year and other visits can occur any time.

2. What are the visiting hours?

Generally facilities do not have posted visiting hours and family members can visit almost any time. However, for security purposes, we prefer that you notify the facility if you intend to visit very early or late in the day. All visitors are asked to sign in our guest/visitor log and to wear a name tag for identification and security purposes.

3. Who pays for skilled nursing services?

There are several payer sources including private funds, Medi-Cal, Medicare, HMOs and private insurance plans. Our facilities all accept private funds, Medi-Cal, Medicare, private insurance plans and many HMO plans. Please consult with the Business Office Manager to discuss payment options/plans and insurance and billing questions.

4. What items do residents generally bring with them
and what items are prohibited?

Residents should bring personal clothing including pants, shirts, sweaters, non skid shoes/slippers and a robe. All articles of clothing should be marked with the resident’s name. It is suggested that at least 1 week’s clothing be brought with the resident. Personal items such as eyewear and dentures are important to bring with the resident. You may also bring pictures, television or other personal mementos. All personal items will be inventoried and must be signed by the resident or family member. Expensive jewelry or keepsakes should not be brought to the facility.

5. What personal services are offered?

Laundry of personal items can be done on the premises without charge. If you prefer, you may take personal items home to have them laundered.  Hair salon services are provided on site through a contracted party.  There are modest fees for salon services.

Physician’s are notified upon admission and verify medication orders, dietary needs and other considerations.  Physicians are required to visit a newly admitted resident within 72 hours of their admission.  Unless circumstances warrant, physicians are required to visit at least one time per month for long term residents.

Transportation services are arranged through the facility’s Social Service Director.  Transportation is sometimes required for other contracted services such as Dentistry, Ophthalmology, Podiatry, Audio logy, Psychiatry, Psychology and other medical or personal services.  Many of these are provided by independent contractors who may or may not visit the resident in the facility.

6. How are dietary needs identified and managed?

A dietary supervisor and their staff are responsible for managing each resident’s dietary needs. Additionally, an independent dietary consultant visits the facility routinely and assists staff in developing and managing special dietary needs. Bringing food or snacks into the facility is discouraged as a general rule because of regulatory requirements for food safety and monitoring intakes of facility residents. If you would like to bring food or snacks into the facility for the resident, please consult with the nursing staff and/or dietary supervisor before doing so.

7. What languages are spoken in the facilities?

English is the primary language however staff members may speak several languages. Please inquire within the facility you may be interested in if a language other than English is required. Family members, the use of pictures or other props to communicate needs and/or a contracted service may be engaged if needed to communicate with the resident.

8. What services are generally included within the daily facility rate?

Included within the daily quoted rate is the room, meals including special diets, nursing services, bathing and grooming except for hair salon services, facility activities, laundry and linen of bedding and bathing needs and personal laundry (no dry cleaning). Physician, medications and special therapies are not included in the standard room rate. Please consult with the Business Office Manager or Social Services if you have questions about fee schedules and/or charges for charges not included in the room charge.

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